Adventure, mistery, hikes, here I come.

Come, I will take you to a magical place.
The mistery

The mistery

Ambisontia je čarobna dežela v dolini Soče. Pomeni tudi vodena potepanja po tolminski dolini, grapah, hribih in gozdovih, ki jo obkrožajo. Dodali smo jim zgodbe, zgodovino, umetnost, kulinariko, lokalno kulturno dediščino. Zgodovino lahko prenesemo v sedanjost, dediščino naših prednikov doživljamo, obnavljamo in jo prenašamo naprej.

Every shoe has its hike

Every shoe has its hike

Hikes are not so phisicaly demanding and are appropriate for everyone - families with young children, seniors, all you nature lovers who want to step in mistical paralel world.Hike becomes adventure, culinary explore. You will fall into beds in the evening and dream about time travel.



Perfect time to visit is all year long. We do not have seasonal limits. It doesn't matter if it rains, snows or the sun shines. Nature is allways beautiful. More beautiful is when you hike with someone who knows the hidden gems. And the most beautiful is when you get lost in time on your hike, find yourself in a land with gnomes, giants, fairys...

Why Ambisontia?

In the 2nd century AD a famous Greek physicist, astronomer and geographer by the name Claudius Ptolemy wrote about a certain Celtic tribe, for which historians today agree that lived in the Soča valley. They went by the name Ambisonti.

Ambisonti were part of a famous Noric kingdom (Regnum Noricum). Like all the Noric tribes in this kingdom, they were skillful in obtaining iron ore, as well as in the craft of making different iron items of high quality, probably one of the most desirable products of the time.

One of Ambisonti centers was positioned exactly were Most na Soči is nowadays. This was one of the most flourishing communities in the Soča valley. In fact, Most na Soči, or more precisely, the local patron Saint Lucia gave the name to one of the six regional groups from old iron age period on Slovenian ground, which is now called the St. Lucia group. Read more…

Senica news

Others will tell you

Our clients are children, their parents, adults with young soul.
Monika and Sabina

Monika and Sabina


"We knew Tolmin before we came. Sabina is a friend of one of the guides. So we just wanted to spend some time near the Soca river. We discovered hidden corners, not known only to locals. We are thinking of next visit already."

Tania and her sons

Tania and her sons


"We were in Tolmin last summer. I was exhausted from work. I only had one week of vacation. I didn't think I will be okay afterwards. But I was like reborn after those five days. Sons were thrilled. Water adventures, hikes... Nice people and wonderful nature. Thank you so much."

Barbara and Tine

Barbara and Tine

Lucija, Slovenia

I love to travel, but I realised I don't know my own country. I went to the western part of Slovenia with my boyfriend. We started our discovering in Tolmin. Friend told me about this local guide. I called and we stayed. First day we went to the spring of Tolminka, ate frika in Čadrg. OMG I still can't believe potatoe can be that good.

Forest storytelling

There are gnomes, giants and other forest beings living here. Some you can see, other you might feel, but some are just a trace of the movement in the bushes.

2. Marv the Dwarf and I

So this how it happened. One sunny afternoon, when I was about halfway through primary school, we set off to Senica, a hill directly behind my home village.  My father was the leader of the Read more…

1. Marv the Dwarf

part 1 Marv the Dwarf is really a gnome. His size is of a human thumb, even though this thumb would most probably belong to a burly lumberjack. Still, a thumb is a thumb. Marv, Read more…

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