Ambisontia stories

Come, I will take you to a magical place.
Hiking for everyone

Hiking for everyone

Tolminska is interspersed with hiking trails of varying difficulty. We have prepared several themed programs (Roundabouts menu) of varying difficulty, which offer an authentic experience where you go on a journey into the past through traditional crafts and spaces.

Mystical nature

Mystical nature

We are located in the Soča valley, approximately where the Soča meets Tolminka and continues until the meeting with Idrijca, and a little earlier and a little further. The magic of nature is given by the many paths and streams that lead to the valley, animals, legends and tales, and the rich history. Interested?

What about the weather?

What about the weather?

There is always good time to wander around. We don’t know the seasonal limits, it doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or it’s raining. Snow doesn't bother us either. Whoever knows how to see with his heart, the mysterious fog is also beautiful. It is nice to walk in nature. It’s better to be guided by someone who knows the hidden corners.

Why Ambisontia?

In the 2nd century AD a famous Greek physicist, astronomer and geographer by the name Claudius Ptolemy wrote about a certain Celtic tribe, for which historians today agree that lived in the Soča valley.

They went by the name Ambisonti.

The translation of this name is more than obvious to those that understand Latin; it describes people that live on the banks of the river Isontious, which was the Latin name for Soča. (Read more)


2. Marv the Dwarf and I

So this is how it happened. One sunny afternoon, when I was about halfway through primary school, we set off to Senica, a hill directly behind my home village.  My father was the leader of Read more…


With local (mostly our) products.

Dobra mama

Stenski okras – akril na lesu

Obešalo za ključe ilustracija

Obešalnik za ključe

Medo na gugalnici

Stenski okras – polstena volna

Knjizno kazalo sponka

Knjižno kazalo iz polstene volne

What to do in Ambisontia?

They were here with us

I wonder what they say about us...
Monika and Sabina

Monika and Sabina


"We knew Tolmin before we came. Sabina is a friend of one of the guides. So we just wanted to spend some time near the Soca river. We discovered hidden corners, not known only to locals. We are thinking of next visit already."

Tania and her sons

Tania and her sons


"We were in Tolmin last summer. I was exhausted from work. I only had one week of vacation. I didn't think I will be okay afterwards. But I was like reborn after those five days. Sons were thrilled. Water adventures, hikes... Nice people and wonderful nature. Thank you so much."

Barbara and Tine

Barbara and Tine

Lucija, Slovenia

I love to travel, but I realised I don't know my own country. I went to the western part of Slovenia with my boyfriend. We started our discovering in Tolmin. Friend told me about this local guide. I called and we stayed. First day we went to the spring of Tolminka, ate frika in Čadrg. OMG I still can't believe potatoe can be that good.

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