Natasa Hvala

My name is Nataša. I am an enthusiastic illustrator, painter and a nature lover. I was lucky enough that even though my family lived in the capital when I was a child, I got to spend weekends on the outskirts of the city. There I could roam
freely, climbed trees, gathered fruits of the forest and observed animals. With years my luck increased after I moved where I know live, in the closest proximity to Triglav National Park. Now there is a forest directly in front of my house and I can sometimes observe wild life through the window of my home kitchen.
My favorite theme when illustrating are mostly animals. I love animals and I love to write stories about them.
I believe in fairies, dwarves and gnomes.
I am a relentless optimist.
In my home, I hosted many friends that escaped every day stress in their everyday life. Every single one of them was charmed by the natural beauty and peaceful rhythm of Soča valley. All of them later told me, how they went home with a renewed energy.
For many years, I wanted to share this with people like yourself. I offer to guide you into the arms of healing nature and help you to really feel and experience it in all its mystical force. I wish to share this state of mind and heart with you.

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