Petra Rovšček

Hi there!

My name is Petra. 

Since I can remember I had a strong connection with what people call fairytales. With this they mostly mean that fairytales are some kind of fiction, stuff that arises from human imagination to amuse, educate, even manipulate our minds. 

Speaking for myself, not only that I believe, I KNOW that fairytales are true. At least as true as our dreams or mathematics or music or our more or less fortunate agreed reality.

Without any trace of irony I believe and know that fairies, gnomes and giants exist. After all, we humans are giants in comparison to ants. All over the world there had been findings of ancient cultures of giant proportions and even human skeletons, that show us that maybe it is not all as the official science tell us.

I have a diploma degree in history and sociology of culture, but the frame of their teaching was too narrow to give answers to many of my questions, although they provided some useful clues.

When I didn’t know what to do, I went to the source, or at least as close to it as I could. I turned to ancient science, to myths, stories and fairytales.

In the meantime, I gave birth to two beautiful girls. Even though I made sure the fairytales were in abundance, they never had enough of them. Together we went on adventures to different magical parallel worlds, where I rediscovered the power of a childlike amazement. Along with it came the memories of my early childhood and the freedom of perception, that opened my eyes, mind and heart, and it flew like a bird out of the gilded cage of so called Reality.

My daughters helped me find fairies, gnomes and giants and I didn’t lose the sight of them since. I found joy, laughter and peace of my mind out there and a sense of a delightful belonging to this wonderful world.

All I want now is to share this with people that are hungry and thirsty of such an experience. I want to share this with you. Come, let us go to magical forest on the riverbank of the bluest of rivers, come meet me at Soča. Let’s go to Ambisontia together to search for treasures and to bring fairytales to life.

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