Can you remember how it was when you were a child? Did you listen to the stories your parents and grandparents told? Do you believe children these days are the same? We do. We believe little beings of the forest still exist, we beleive in magic and magical powers of the forest and we beleive our ancestors beleived too.

They passed the stories from one generation to another. Meanwhile the stories changed a little, some details were added some forgotten.

We would like to share those stories with you. We would like you to see the magic, mistery of the forest. We would like you to connect with yourself, our planet and our ancestors.

Want to hike with us?

We offer you a half day hike or a whole day one. If you decide for a shorter version, we have a little snack somewhere in the middle of our adventure. If we get lost for a whole day, we stop for a meal.

Please contact us for program and prices and anything else you would like to know.

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